Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This week's assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is - I'm Seeing Red. LOEB members simply need to snap a photo of something red. For my photo I went with a hodgepodge of red things from some of my collections. I'm guessing if you took some of my blood and put it under a microscope this is what you'd see.

The list of red in the photo -
Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention T-shirt
Merlin handheld electronic game
Mego Spider-Man
Mego Black Hole Maximillian
Mego The Greatest American Hero
Spider-Man Pez
Quasar Robot bank
Water gun
Jolt Cola can
Mold-A-Rama Dinosaur
Kenner Super Powers Red Tornado
Tony the Tiger cereal premium
Garbage Can-dy candy container
Fruity Pebbles cereal premium
Captain Video Space Man cereal premium
Bubble Yum bubble gum pack
Tomy Tron Sark
Galoob Defenders of the Earth Flash Gordon
Nabisco Spoonman cereal premium
Spaceman pencil topper
Atari Combat Cartridge
Stuffed Lobster

Check out these Reds from other League members -

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Brian (Cool and Collected) said...

Wow! That picture is filled with so much awesome! Can I come over and play Simon?

Jon B said...

That is a poop ton of red! Good work!

Shawn Robare said...

Love this sentiment: "I'm guessing if you took some of my blood and put it under a microscope this is what you'd see." That's basically the gist behind my Site banner at Branded...

Rich said...

Wow that's alot of red. Awesome!

Rich said...

Love the Red Tornado! I had one in my pic as well!

Dex said...

So. Much. Nostalgia!

Mr. Karswell said...

totally cool idea... can you imagine if you organized / color coordinated your ENTIRE collection, Todd??!!

Todd Franklin said...

Brian - Sure, the toy box is always open!

Jon - Yep, toy collecting will keep you regular!

Shawn - Very cool! We are all probably from the same nerd DNA and that's a good thing!

Rich - And your Tornado is still in the package. Very cool!

Dex - Yeah, it's kind of like thick red icing on a nostalgia cake.

Karswell - Oh man, I think that would turnout bad like something out of a Tales from the Crypt story.