Monday, August 26, 2013


One of my favorite advertising mascots is good ol' Jifaroo! He was the kangaroo pitchman that helped sell Jif peanut butter back in the day. Jifaroo was introduced along with Jif peanut butter back in 1958 and disappeared sometime in the 1960s. I only know of of two Jifaroo premiums that were offered by Jif and one was a nifty kite. The other was a periscope and as luck would have it, I have one right here!  

This was an in-store give-away item. You got a free Jifaroo Periscope when purchasing one jar of Jif! 

Check  it out! The periscope works great and I used it to look in our food pantry while hiding behind some flowers. I'm not sure why, but when you use a periscope you have to be sneaky.

Whoa! I spy an old Jif jar in our food pantry! Yep, that's the view inside the periscope.

Here's the jar from my collection with Jifaroo on the label. I believe this one is probably the 1958 version. The great thing about the periscope are the fun illustrations on the sides. Aren't they great!

That's it for my Jifaroo Periscope post! I really think that Jifaroo needs to make a comeback! C'mon Jif, let's have a retro jar with Jifaroo on the label! I'm sure the fun blue kangaroo would be a sales booster. Bring back Jifaroo!!!

Down Jifaroo Periscope.


Scrapatorium said...

It's fantastic! Love all your photos.

Paul Duca said...

The reason Jif was so creamy and smoother than the other peanut butters on the market...was that it had vegetable oil added to the point it made up 25% of its volume--typically the natural and added (to prevent spoilage) oils of peanut butter are around 3%.