Friday, November 07, 2008


I shut the computer off sometime after 10:00 pm on Halloween night feeling content with finishing this year’s Halloween countdown. The next morning I turned my computer on and nothing. My computer was dead and the countdown must’ve killed it.

Thanks to the help of a highly trained computer technician my computer lives again. Before I get back to posting, I really need to clean up the blog, fix some links, work on the side bar and redo the labels.

There is a new Vlad video on Weird Hollow. He wants your questions and he might use them in future Ask Vlad episodes. If you have a question make sure you visit Weird Hollow and Ask Vlad today!

Again thanks to all the Neato readers out there for supporting both blogs. If all goes well and my computer holds up I'll be posting some cool stuff in the near future.


Vlad said...

Let the record show that Vlad had nothing to do with the computer crash! NOTHING!!! But did you know that computers do not take well to having spikes driven through their hard drives? Take it from Vlad... it's true! And that, my children of the night, is one to grow on!

Mike Middleton said...

It harkened back to the old days when you put out the mimeographed Neato Coolville fanzine didn't it?

Todd Franklin said...

Vlad - I have a hard time believing that Mr. Impaler.

Mike - Those were the good ol' days! I can still smell those mimeographed fanzines.

Dane said...

You used to do a 'zine? How cool is that.

I'm so sorry to hear about the computer. I know what a sickening experience that is. Glad you're back up and running, and hope you didn't lose any files.

Karswell said...

Nothing worse than when a computer crashes. It's like the end of the world! I feel for ya Todd!

Kirk D. said...

This is an all too familiar feeling. The only way to make lemonade from life's lemon is to buy a new computer!

Todd Franklin said...

Dane - Ignore my pal Mike as he's just being silly. I never did a fanzine, but our 5th grade did have a mimeographed newsletter. Maybe that counts!

Karswell - Man, I thought it was the end of the world especially I hadn't backed up any of my stuff for the month of October. Luckily my files were a-ok!

Kirk - Yeah, I think you said your computer went on the brink too. Now that my old one is fixed I'll try to hold out on a new one. At least now maybe I can save up for one.