Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Recently, I picked up a bag of snapshots at a flea market and inside were these! I always get a kick out of seeing silly snaps and here we can share in some backwoods silliness from these two girls. Wait, did I say two girls? There's just one really tall girl posing behind a tree, right? Shh...just play along.

Sorry to break the illusion, but the head in the above photo belongs to the booty in the next photo and vice versa.  

Oops! Looks like the head is showing a bit too much leg. Let me fix that for her.

There you go! Now the illusion works much better with the aid of photoshop.

Unfortunately the snapshots are void of any identification. The photos that were in the same bag are marked Pocahontas, Arkansas. So, it's a good guess that these gals were goofing off over seventy years ago in the Ozarks.

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Blakerton said...

I actually live in Pocahontas, AR. I would be interested in seeing the rest of the photos if possible.