Friday, November 10, 2006


“Hurry up kids! You only have until December 31, 1976 to send in your envelopes and money for these spiffy Kool-Aid customized items!”

There’s a lot of things going on in this ad. I first noticed the imposter Kool-Aid man as he is one of those cheap inflatable type of costumes. I guess the real Kool-Aid man was busy busting thru a brick wall in his latest TV commercial.

What’s the deal with the girl’s glowing ball? It sort of looks like something out of the world of Tron and the boy looks kind of afraid as if he’s waiting for her to zap him with it. I guess in reality they had a Kool-Aid ball that wasn’t ready to be included as one of the premiums, so they blotted it out.

Another thing is that I think they’re hanging out in the backyard of the Brady Bunch. Check out that Astroturf.

The best thing in the ad has to be her tube socks. Those socks rock!

I leave you with the one and only giant pitcher wrecking machine. Kool-Aid Man, SMASH!!!

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