Thursday, April 26, 2007


This happy comic reading kid is one of my favorite snapshots in my collection!

The kid picked a good Reed Crandall action cover to pose with! It's Quality Comics' Blackhawk #23 from February 1949.

Scan comes from the Grand Comic Book Database.


Mike Middleton said...

That kid looks vaguely familiar. Could it be our fighting hero?

Dan Goodsell said...

I have a friend who collects photos of people with comics. kitchen sink just published a postcard book of his photos

yours is amazing

Nessa said...

This is a great picture!

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - It could be if he was born sometime in the 1940's instead of 1970!

Dan - Wow, that sounds like a cool book. I'll need to look for it.

Nessa - Thanks!