Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I was going thru a box of old postcards that I had stashed away and this card was in mixed inside.

I'm guessing that this is from the late 60's and it advertises a band called The Four Cob Webs. At least I'm assuming this was a band and if it was they jumped on the popular Spider-Man band wagon and came up with a fun gimmick. Now the question is/was there four or six people in the band? Also, I wonder if they wore kooky spider-web outfits? I like the individual names of the Cob Webs: Spider Boy, Bam-Bam, Bumble Bee and Demon.

On the back there's an autograph by Spiderman and Spiderwoman. Of course we can see the same person signed it. Spiderwoman probably did all the signing for Spiderman.

Add a comment if anyone knows anything about this!


Mike Middleton said...

They're from the KC area so maybe they're still around. Maybe Chris Jackson can get them to play at Planet Con!!

grantbob said...

Yeah.. this one is also a CB QSL card. Note the channels they monitor. Spider Boy, Bam-Bam, Bumble Bee and Demon are probably the offspring of Spiderman & Spiderwoman.

In CB land:
73 basically means "best regards"
88 is for "love & kisses"

These thing have their origins from telegraph operation and amateur radio Q and Z codes.