Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Giants walk among us! Er, that’s more like stand among us and they’re not flesh and bone, but are made of fiberglass. At this moment you might be asking yourself, what the heck is a Muffler Man? These behemoths of the byways and highways have been standing around for over forty years and they can be spotted hanging around muffler shops, tire barns, gas stations, mini-golf courses and various touristy type attractions all over America. Usually, they’re in the form of Paul Bunyans, Alfred E. Newmans, Native Americans, and square jawed men dressed in many different costumes.

Originally they were created by the company International Fiberglass and they didn’t get their name until the extremely popular book and website Roadside America labeled these giants as Muffler Men.

I’ve met a few of these big guys in my travels and here are the snaps to prove it!

Maryland Heights, MO

Foristell, MO

Lake Ozark, MO

Lake Ozark, MO

Osage Beach, MO (This MM is no longer here)

Rapid City, SD

Lyons, CO

Atlanta, IL

Wilmington, IL

Burbank, IL (The Frankenmuffler Man)

Muffler Men are good people, but sometimes they’re a real pain in the neck! Every time you meet one, you get a crick in your neck from always looking up at 'em.

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Mike Middleton said...

Love the spaceman and Frankenstein!!

Anonymous said...

Take a photo every time I go past one of these. got the hot dog and space man while riding route 66 a few years back and just got Paul Bunyun and Babe last week while riding the great river road. Neat guys these muffler men. They show up in different disguises when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

Just me, or does Paul Bunyan look like he's saluting Hitler? Ditto the Indian and Alfred E.