Monday, April 14, 2008


I decided to play Dr. Frankenstein and bring three of my monster drawings to life in the form of these simple animation shorts.


Karswell said...

These are alot of fun Todd, I've been meaning to comment on your artwork for some time now. What program are you using to create these in?

Stephen said...

Haw haw! Those are great, Todd! I'd definitelty stay there for the night.

Kirk D. said...

Very cool. I'm so thankful to live in a time when you don't need an animation studio to animate your work.

Todd Franklin said...

Karswell - Thanks! These are just multiple jpegs that I did in photoshop and then I edited them together in a cheap editing program. Someday I need to get one of those fancy mod looking Macs!

Stephen - Glad you like 'em! If you plan on staying at the Monster Motel remember to bring some silver bullets, garlic and some acme monster repellant.

Kirk - Ah, I guess living in the modern world does have some perks.