Thursday, April 17, 2008


I almost spit out my Kool-Aid when I read some good news!

Thanks to this good news I might have a chance to spit out some Funny Face in the near future if Renegade Animation is able to sell a pilot featuring our old fruit flavored friends of Funny Face. That’s right according to Cartoon Brew Renegade has snagged the rights to the Funny Face characters who were popular during the 60's and 70's as a fruit flavored drink-mix made by Pillsbury.

Hopefully this will be picked up and become a popular weekly cartoon. Besides seeing the Funny Face gang in an animated series it would be very cool to see it come back as a drink-mix again. Heck, if it’s big-time popular maybe the characters will have their own cereal and Pez dispensers and ice cream bars and action figures and sneakers and bed sheets and. . . Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself, but all this would be very cool!

To wet your whistle for Funny Face check out these amazing Funny Face collections from Jim Rash - his flickr and his website. Also check out Dan Goodsell's collection at his website.

Here's some fun old commercials -

Thanks goes to Brandon and Dan for the heads up on this important breaking news!


Erick Monsterama2000 said...

That's awesome news. My brother and I had most of the mugs when we were kids. I'd love to get them again.

Karswell said...

I read about this when Cartoon Brew first posted it. Initially I thought it was an interesting idea too as I loved Funny Face as a kid (and still have some of the mugs too), but then I remember how most things from my childhood get plundered and ruined in this modern age. Example: see the trailer for Speed Racer. It's like staring into a soggy bowl of Fruity Pebbles until a migrane erupts. There's nothing about any of it that even remotely reminds me of the classic cartoon. Burton's Wonka remake had the same affect on me. I do have my fingers crossed for Funny Face though... we shall see.

Todd Franklin said...

Erick - Yeah, I've had many of the mugs, but never have completed a set. I really need to do that.

Karswell - Yeah, I know what you mean as we've been burned many times. (1987 Freakies is a good example) At least this company has a great retro style that should help the FF gang stay close to the original characters. At least there was never a regular cartoon for us to compare with.