Monday, November 10, 2008


Back on the weekend of October 25th St. Louis, Missouri had its first horror/model show aptly named Monstrous Weekend. This monster shindig was put on by Kitbuilders Magazine and they went all out to bring a fine group of guests.

The main attraction was meeting and chatting with the cast from the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead and you can see in the photo above that I got a bit too close to one of ‘em. Actually that’s Bill Hinzman, the famous cemetery zombie at the beginning of the film.

St. Louis was the last stop for the Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary Tour and most of the cast was present. Unfortunately, the director and head zombie wrangler George Romero wasn’t able to make it due to his shooting schedule on his latest “dead” film. In the photo below the cast was presented with a 40th anniversary cake. From left to right - Charles Craig (Newscaster), Judith O’Dea (Barbra), George Kosana (Sheriff), stabbing the cake is Kyra Schon (Karen Cooper), Russ Streiner (Johnny) and John Russo (screenwriter).

Go check out The Horrors of it All, a pre-code horror comic book blog. Part of today’s post features my scary mug with the lovely Judith O’Dea. The Night of the Living Dead actress is pointing to my snazzy THOIA t-shirt and you can get your own pre-code tee here.

Also visit Weird Hollow for a fun zombie photo from the Monstrous Weekend


Major Pepperidge said...

The amazing thing is that the second I saw your photo, I said to myself, "Hey! That's the guy from 'Night of the Living Dead!!!". Astounding that he is still so recognizable 40 years later.

Dane said...

So cool! It looks like you had a lot of fun, and that the cast did too!

Todd Franklin said...

Major - Yeah and I like how he made his suit resemble the one he wore in the film.

Dane - We sure had a fun time and you're right the cast looked to be enjoying themselves.

Frederick said...

I wonder if he will be buried in his zombie makeup and suit? How creepy would that funeral be? Everyone would be fearful he was going to sit up any second!

He looks better there than he did in the additional footage filmed for the 30th anniv edition of NOTLD.

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Mr. Karswell said...

Haha, awesome pic Todd... it was cool hanging with you at the show too. Thanks for the plugs here as well!

Todd Franklin said...

Frederick - What do you mean? He already was buried in that suit. He's a real zombie from the grave right?

Karswell - Thanks and yeah, it was great seeing you too and thanks for adding my pic to the coolest ghoulest comic blog out there!