Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm sure many grandmothers and aunts across our fine nation thought this 1950 Rudolph Reindeer sweater was the cutest thing since bobby socks and that it would be the perfect gift for their grand kids, nieces and nephews. I bet many kid's monthers forced 'em to wear this wonderful gift and then got the stuffing beat out of 'em at school.

"With Bells That Jingle While Children Play!" This might as well been a death sentence!


Vlad said...

Vlad would like to know if these sweaters are still available. Vlad thinks they would make wonderful devices of torture for both young and old!

Mike Middleton said...

You mean that wasn't your school uniform at the impaling college Vlad?

gilligan said...

" sensationally different as Rudolph's own red nose."

Wasn't Rudolph teased mercilessly for his affliction? Rudolph wouldn't wish this sweater on his worst enemy.

K0dama said...

Neither of the kids in the ad look particularly thrilled.