Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I’ve been following Sean’s art and photography on flickr for the past few years and he always comes up with something neato and cool! For his latest venture, Sean has combined his love of toys and Polaroid photography with his new gallery show, Toys on Roids.

Using his trusty SX-70 Polaroid, he has captured old and new toys in ways you’ve never seen. The square Polaroid picture frame is a perfect match for Sean’s toys and I’m amazed how he can tell a story in one frame. His photos seem to be part pop art, part fine photography and part single panel comic strip.

In his flickr photostream, we can peek behind the scenes of his Toy ‘Roid shoots and it’s interesting to see how simple his set-up really is. Take a look at one of his ‘Roids and then check out the follow up photo.

I say that's pure genius and pretty cool! I like that a pack of Polaroid film is his tripod.

The show started on November 7 and runs all the way until December 24 at the Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you can’t make it to the show, the Soo Visual Arts Center has gathered up all of Sean’s Toy ‘Roids and published ‘em in a snazzy book. You can also purchase some of the original Polaroids used in the show and the book. Act quick, as he's sold a bunch already.

Also, be sure to visit Save Polaroid.


Mike Middleton said...

Very nice. I figured you'd post the Tron one NC, but I'm surprised you didn't put the McQuarrie-esque droid picture on there.

Todd Franklin said...

The droids photo is one my favorite's but I didn't want to add too many of his Polaroids. People should go to Sean's site or better yet buy his book to see more.

when is evil cool? said...

they all are pretty bad ass but the batman one is my favorite. the one after it that shows the set up is great.

it's a simple idea done really well. thanks for sharing.

Dane said...

Thank you for the heads up - time for me to go make him a contact.