Thursday, March 05, 2009


The doomsday clock is ready to strike midnight and I can’t wait! Today is Watchmen eve as the movie based after the 23 year old graphic novel of the same name hits movie theaters tomorrow.

I was introduced to the Watchmen funny book back in college around 1991 by my comic lovin’ pal Rod. This is the guy that resurrected the comic book fan within me the year before. I quit comics cold turkey in high school thanks to thoughts of growing up. What was I thinking? So I missed the initial 1986 run of the 12 issue Watchmen series.

Rod handed me his dog eared well read copy of the Watchmen graphic novel and said, “Dude, you gotta read this!” This was in the morning about an hour before my first class of the day. I was hanging out in my regular hang out spot, my buddies Mike and Ed’s dorm room that was nicknamed the Garden. Why such an odd name for a dorm room? This was the place all of us vegged. Get it? You know regular dorm stuff - comic reading, video game playing, movie watching, pencil drawing, guitar playing and arguing over who was more sexy Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman or Joanna Cameron's Isis. Ok, I’m getting carried away with old college memories. Anyway, after skipping all my classes that day, I finished reading Watchmen and was really blown away. Everything clicked with this comic. The characters were cool, the back story was even cooler and the story was the coolest!

Now we get to watch the Watchmen in movie form and from the clips I’ve seen it looks amazing, just like the comic. I won’t be seeing the film until Saturday, so if you see me don’t tell me how it ends!

Have you been checking out The New Frontiersman ? This is the stuff that gets me going. All the fake history with vintage videos, magazine covers, product advertisments and old snapshots.

When you're visiting The New Frontier, don’t forget to click on the quarter to play the Minutemen coin-op video game. Man I wish this game would’ve been at my local arcade back in the day.

The question is who's watching the Watchmen? I know I will be!


halloween spirit said...

I can't wait!! Got my advance tickets for Saturday!

wiec? said...

me too! but i have to wait until next week though. date night. dang date night.

Bubbashelby said...

Woohoo - Saturday for me too!

I love all the viral marketing stuff too.

I especially love the people who leave comments like "They didn't invent police tape until 1989." or "The typeface is all wrong for newspapers in the mid eighties." - Yeah, thanks Poindexters for pointing that out. *rollseyes* Some people just can't wait until Christmas so they can start yanking Santa's beard lol!

Mike Middleton said...

Good ol' Rod. We're seeing it Friday night. I'll be sure and spoil it for you unless we're too busy vegging afterwards.

Robby Cress said...

Watchmen is fantastic! It's one of the most comic book looking comic book films. I'm especially glad that WB went for the R rating, keeping all the graphic action - it wouldn't have been the same otherwise. This film must be seen in theatres!

Todd Franklin said...

Looks like the movie is getting mixed reviews. I liked it, but I'm sure it helps to have read the book.