Friday, June 12, 2009


We laughed, we cried and we stared at one another for many hours a day. Now old friend, I must say goodbye and remember the good times we shared.

You shared so many wonderful moments with me. Remember that time when Gilligan was able to pick up radio stations with his teeth and that other time when Fonzie beat the Mallachi Brothers in the Demolition Derby. How many hours of Saturday morning cartoons did we watch? Also, I appreciate all those times that you stayed up with me during countless late night monster movies.

Analog TV, you’ll be missed.

Shortly after midnight I shot this video of the end of Analog TV for the transition to DTV. With little fanfare the TV just goes . . . well, just watch. You might need a tissue afterwards.


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I wonder if many people will see it as an an opportunity to shut the thing off for good?