Monday, July 12, 2010


Ooh, lookie what my pal Jeff Roemer found? Photos from a car show at the Capital Mall in Jefferson City, Missouri. As many “hanging out” hours I spent at shopping malls back in the 80's, I never thought about taking photos. So I was thrilled when Jeff gave me these snaps from 1987 when we spent a Saturday walking the mall looking at old cars.

Many records and tapes were purchased at this very Musicland. (Hey, I even purchased the Rambo: First Blood Part II soundtrack here!) See that Y107 banner? That was the station my car radio was stuck on during most of high school. No, not in one of these cars, I had a 1976 Ford Elite.

As much as I like old cars, I’m more excited about finally seeing a photo of one my favorite arcades from my youth, the Land of Oz arcade. In the photo below you can see the “under the rainbow” entryway behind the old-timer auto.

Like a bigfoot sighting, there's me sporting a blue/white rugby shirt!

I didn't want to upload all 34 shots, so if you wanna keep looking, visit the flickr set here.

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Mike Middleton said...

I helped shut that Musicland down back in the day. Record stores were much cooler back then.

Michael Thomas said...

Had a great time in that mall.I lived for Orange Julius.