Tuesday, December 20, 2011


From the 1950's comes this Christmas stencil kit featuring everyone's favorite freckled marionette, Howdy Doody.  Most of the times these sets were free when you purchased a can of Spray Snow.  Apparently you could buy extras and this example cost someone a shiny dime.  

I'll need to remember to use these stencils for next year's Halloween Jack-o'-lanterns.  It's always fun to mix-up the holidays!

I really dig this illustration of the spray snow can kid with his classic Jughead style beanie.

He looks so happy spraying his can of snow into the face of Howdy.  Or second thought, maybe he's simply a grafitti artist painting Howdy Doody on a wall.  Hmm...I guess there's not too many street artists painting Howdy Doody these days.  That's kinda sad.  

Below is the can with the stencils offer and the image comes from that great auction place with all the cool stuff, Hake's Collectibles.   


Devlin Thompson said...

That art looks an awful lot like '50s-era Dik Browne, when he was working for Johnstone & Cushing (notably, he redesigned the Campbell Kids in that era, plus doing The Tracy Twins in Boy's Life).

Paul Duca said...

If there's any place where walls are being tagged with Howdy Doody, it would be Neato Coolville.

Todd Franklin said...

Devlin - You're right it does look like his work.

Paul - Earlier today we had to repaint a wall on the court house here in Neato Coolville. Someone painted a giant graffiti of Howdy's head on it.

Paul Duca said...

I understand...even in Neato Coolville, people seeking justice want to see the blindfolded dame with the scales, not a cowboy puppet.