Sunday, December 18, 2011


This guy is pleased with the creation of his little Christmas village.  Way to go unidentified hairy arm man - you are a Christmas crafter master!

Not sure, but this might be the little Christmas village for the following year. I guess the hairy arm man didn't want to pose with this village. 

I really dig that cool Christmas star in the hallway.  Hmm... it kinda looks like baby Superman's spaceship in Superman: The Movie from 1978.


Mike Middleton said...

I think that picture was taken on the planet Criptin (that's how it's pronounced right?) sometime before it's ice age in 1978.

Paul Duca said...

Like your holiday look, Mr. look just like some cars I've seen on the road.

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Ha, that's how Brando says it.

Paul - Only thing is...I don't have a soccer mom bumper sticker.