Friday, July 20, 2012


I've always been a fan of PSA characters like Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl and I was thrilled back in 2006 to discover a new character. It was a kangaroo named Parky and I first saw him on this happy chracter at a Kansas rest area. I posted a photo (different than this one) on flickr asking if anyone had any info on Parky. Sure enough the creator himself Samuel Lloyd Hutchinson posted the scoop on ol' Parky in the comments section. It was exciting to learn the origin of Parky and about the artist/cartoonist.

Unfortunately Sam passed away in 2011, but his daughter Stephanie has been doing a great job at keeping his legacy alive. Until July 31st at the Palisades Branch Library in Pacific Palisades, California is an art exhibit featuring Sam's work. Tomorrow at 3pm will be a reception in the library's community room and Stephanie will be on hand to answer questions about her dad. Plus a DVD of one of Sam's "life story" speeches will be shown. I've posted the flyer below and for more info visit (I wish I lived in the area or was visiting, because this event should not be missed.)

For fun, here are some other Parky links of interest -

Click here and scroll to the bottom to view the new updated version of Parky and new character Joey created by Sam. His daughter came up with the new slogan, "Don't Trash Your Parks! Park Your Trash!" 

Click here for 1958 photo of a real kangaroo posing with a neat figural Parky sign.

Click here for an excellent post about Sam and Parky at The Hundreds Blog. Be sure to watch the video of Sam drawing a fun looking giraffe!

Click here for an original Parky figural trash can located at Paul Bunyan Land.

Click here for a repainted and yellow Parky figural trash can.

Click here for Parky merchandise and items featuring the cartoons of Sam Lloyd.

Long live Parky and thanks to Sam for creating such a classic character that is always ready to share an important reminder. 

Parky says, "Help keep your parks and picnic areas clean."

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