Friday, November 23, 2012


Since today is Black Friday, or as I call it Black Eye Friday, this is a good day to look at vintage price stickers.

Say what? Price stickers? Yes, that's right. Price stickers!

A price sticker serves one purpose and one purpose only and that's to let the consumer know the price of a product. Most of us never pay much attention to the stickers. We just take a glance at the price and move on our merry way with or without the product. No big whoop, just another day in Consumerland.

As a collector of old toys and food packaging, price stickers have always been a nuisance. I've spent many hours trying to remove the sticky little buggers without damaging the box or the item they're stuck on. A few years ago as I was trying to remove a sticker and then it hit me. No, the sticker didn't rise up and punch my face, but instead I realized something. The price sticker helps tell a story of a different time and of the product that it's stuck on. Right then and there I decided to always leave the price sticker stuck on vintage items. Soon after, I started documenting the stickers and posting them to flickr. The collection looked kind of cool all together and individually they started to look kind of pop art-ish!

Eventually my small flickr set of price stickers grew into a flickr group of price stickers thanks to my pals Snapatorium and Glen Mullaly! Click here to visit the Vintage Price Stickers group

These stickers do have history as so many stores are gone. Also, have you noticed that price stickers seem to be going extinct. Most of the times the prices are printed directly on the product or the store relies on posted signs and bar codes.

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Retro Hound said...

I might be able to help with your price stickers. I just picked up a bunch of albums that still have the cellophane and prices stickers on them. I take some close up pics and put them on flickr.