Friday, January 04, 2013



Lookie what I found today! Yep, two swell candy boxes that once held the famous Slo-Poke sucker. Remember Slo-Pokes? Sure you do! Slo-Pokes were almost an everlasting candy of carmel goodness. A kid could lick, chew and gnaw on a Slo-Poke for hours and hours. It was also the perfect candy to give to kids with loose baby teeth. No need for the "string on the doorknob trick" when you have a Slo-Poke on hand. Slo-Pokes were introduced in the 1920s by Holloway's. 

The first box with the bow tie kid mascot is from the 1950s. Jason from has a sucker wrapper from this era. Click here to view it.

The second box is from the 1960s when the product was purchased by Beatrice Foods. Wow, the suckers went down in price from a nickel to a penny. Apparently this was a much smaller variety of sucker.

After finding these boxes today, I'm really craving one of these Slo-Pokes. I haven't had one in years.


Scrapatorium said...

Very cool find! I always liked them as a kid, but I do remember my teeth getting stuck to the candy and having to jerk it back out. Tasted good though!

Todd Franklin said...

I just found out that the suckers were discontinued. They have them in bars instead.

roadsidewonders said...

I would probably do thousands of dollars of crown & filling damage ... but I would love to have one once more too :)

Jason Liebig said...

Another great post, Todd. I'll be cribbing from you when I cover the topic. :-)