Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Stan Musial statue in front of Busch Stadium.

I never met the great Stan Musial, but I felt like I knew him personally. Ask any citizen of Cardinals nation and they'll say the same thing. The Man was and always will be St. Louis Cardinals baseball!

I love this old song, Swinging Stan the Man!

Last year, I finally made my first trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame and there was Stan Musial shining brightly!  

My grandma, who has been following the Cardinals since the 1920s, gifted this program to me in the 1980s. The program is from a August 7, 1949 game when the Cardinals hosted the New York Giants. From the stands in old Sportsman's Park, my grandma watched Stan Musial smack a double to help secure a victory for the redbirds. In 1986, my mom met Stan Musial at a local meet and greet and Stan the Man graciously signed it. For me, this program represents the love of baseball through the generations and that makes it such a prized possession!

Rest in peace Stan Musial.

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