Saturday, June 22, 2013


The League of Extraordinary Bloggers asked members an age-old question. This question has been discussed by video arcade enthusiasts for decades. If you could have a home arcade, what games would you stock your ultimate arcade with? 

I grew up in a touristy town and fortunately for me it was full of video arcade and pinball machines. Besides the many arcades in town, machines could also be found in convenience stores, fast food restaurants, hotels and resorts. Video games were everywhere and I took advantage of playing whenever I could. long as I had a pocket full or quarters. 

If I owned a home arcade then these ten video games and one pinball machine would be my first choices.    

Space War - For a year or two this was my favorite game. My brother and I waged many great Space Wars with this machine. He was always the Starship Enterprise style of ship and I was the Asteroids style ship. One of the greatest two player games ever made! Click here to watch a version of this game.

Gorf - If you have limited space, then Gorf is the game to own. You get your Space Invaders and Galaxian fix along with a couple of other games all in one. Long live Gorf! Click here to watch the game.

Berzerk - I got hooked on Berzerk one Saturday after the game ate my quarter. The arcade attendant made it more than right and gave me a ton of free credits on this machine. The talking game kept on mocking me as I kept on playing for free. I became a fan forever after that day! Click here to watch the game.

Wizard of Wor - This two player game was another favorite that my brother and I played a lot. We played it every time we made a trip to the Kwik Shop. Usually we worked together trying to kill the werewolves and eventually the dreaded wizard. Once in awhile, just for fun we would zap one another. (Apparently I have a fondness for talking games!) Click here to watch the game.

Tron - My favorite arcade game of all time and the only game on this list that's not a fantasy as this one sits in my house! I blogged about this game here and to see the game in action click here.

Discs of Tron - Playing this machine makes you feel like you've been zapped onto the game grid. Sure the game play is a lot fun, but the cabinet design is a thing of beauty! Click here to watch this game in action. 

Ms. Pac-Man - A staple of all arcades and a must have if you're dreaming of a home arcade. Make sure you set the game to fast! Click here to watch the game.

Tempest - For whatever reason, Tempest seemed to be hard to find in our local arcades and for awhile the local movie theater was the only place you could play it. Tempest is a favorite of the first lady of Neato Coolville. Click here to watch the game.

Donkey Kong Junior - Aw yeah! I had better success with DKjr than I did with his pop's game. After Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Junior is one of the all time greatest sequel games. Click here to watch the game.

Star Wars - I remember standing in line at an Aladadin's Castle arcade for almost an hour just waiting for a chance to sit in the cockpit version to play one game. So for my fantasy arcade I'm taking the cockpit version! Click here to watch the game.

Flash Gordon Pinball - Flash Gordon is one of my favorite movies and to have the pinball machine that's based after it would be the ultimate. Back in the day, I only found this machine in one arcade and for a couple summers and I played the heck out of it! Go Flash go! Click here to watch this machine in action! 

This list could go on forever because if I'm simply fantasizing, then I would have a home arcade with a 100+ games. A few of my other favorite games I could easily add - Outlaw, Space Invaders, Asteroids Deluxe, Pac-Man, Galaxian, Rally-X, Thief, Star Castle, Spy Hunter, Gauntlet, Roadblasters, Trojan, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Out Run,, I better stop.

The Flyer images come from the great website The Arcade Flyer Archive!

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Mike Middleton said...

Nice list NC! I don't think I ever played the Flash Gordon pinball game. I don't remember seeing it anywhere around here.

Brian said...

These are great choices,especially Wizard of Wor.My discovery of this game happened by accident.I was eating a very heavy German dinner in a very Medieval looking restaurant in a local mall.I had to go to the bathroom,which was way in the back,behind the bar,which looked almost like a torchlit dungeon.On my way back ,I heard a robotic voice talking robotic gibberish and went to investigate.There, in a tiny alcove, was Wizard of Wor.I must have pumped 3 bucks in that thing before my parents came looking for me.I'd like one of them for my house,and a Satan's Hollow to go with it!