Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Don't panic! You didn't fall into a 1990s time warp on the World Wide Web! I thought it would be fun to put together a gallery of old-timey ad GIFs found on junk food and fast food official websites. Most are from the mid-90s and up to the year 2000. They're kind of fun to watch all in one place.

Of course I was hoping to find a Jif Peanut Butter GIF!

1996 Quisp

1996 McDonalds 

1996 Burger King

1996 Bullwinkle's Restaurant and Family Fun Center
1996 Oreo

1996 Kellogg's Cereal

1997 Wonka Candy

1997 Kentucky Fried Chicken

1997 Domino's Pizza

1998 Chips Ahoy

1998 Taco Bell

1999 Chee-tos

 2000 Screaming Yellow Zonkers

2000 Pizza Hut 

2000 M&M's Crispy


Mike Middleton said...

That Taco Bell one is pretty cool. I didn't think they used that character as late as 1998.

Todd Franklin said...

I was surprised to see they brought the Taco Bell Kid back for their website. Not sure if he showed up on any other advertising during that time.