Saturday, June 01, 2013


Today's entertainment will be provided by The Max Rebo Band! 

As a promotional tool, a music video was made for the song Lapti Nek, which was heard in the original version of Return of the Jedi. The video played on MTV! Unfortunately MTV wasn't part of our basic cable back then. I can't remember if it was Friday Night Videos or Night Tracks, but I do remember seeing the video somewhere back in 1983. 

Lapti Nek was written by Joseph Williams of Toto fame and is the son of John Williams. Joseph wrote the original lyrics in English, which were changed into Huttese, the language created for the film by Ben Burtt. The title Lapti Nek means Work It Out. Click here and then scroll down for the complete translation. Sy Snootles, the lead singer was voiced by Annie Arbogast. Band members were created by Phil Tippet and the ILM creature shop.

Sy Snootles                                     Droopy McCool

Max Rebo

There were a few remix versions of Lapti Nek. Here's the Meco version.

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