Monday, November 24, 2014



Last year (2013) I revisited a must see spot for Rt. 66 enthusiasts and that's John's Modern Cabins. The ol' place is still there slowly decaying on a dead end strip on the old 66 highway.

It is hidden off of I-44 near Newburg, Missouri. John's Modern Cabins is probably the loneliest spot on Route 66. I first visited John's back in 2006 and the place is still just as sad and eerie as before.  

The arrow points to nowhere on the sign. You can hear it creak back and fourth when a gust of wind blows through.

The cabin next to the sign has partially collapsed since my last visit in '06. 

How great is it that a place with modern in its name has an outhouse? Yeah, pretty great!

My photo from 2006.

For an excellent history of John's Modern Cabins click here and scroll a bit. Wow! After reading that history, I didn't know about the murder connected to the place in 1935 on Halloween night. Okay, that really raises the creepyness of the property. I did some research and found the murder victim Wilma (Billie) Frederickson Duncan's death certificate click here and a photo of her grave click here.

After that not so happy note, you can click here for a video tour of the place.

If you decide to visit John's Modern Cabins, be careful and watch out for rusty nails and snakes! I found both.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful investigation work!


Tom said...

Are these visible from 44? I believe I've seen them before if they are. Always wanted to stop, but wasn't sure how you got to them. Great post and great (if tragic) back story.

Lady M said...

Oooh looks Eerie.

Unknown said...

Jeez, but looks like they offer an axe-murderer in every room!