Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Blade Runner has been discussed and dissected so many times since its 1982 release that I didn't think I had anything new to share. However, I was surprised when I did a simple internet search for Blade Runner neon signs and not much showed up. What? I figured I'd see scads of Blade Runner sign galleries. Maybe even an awesome gallery of production photos of each sign from the 2019 Los Angeles set. This was wishful thinking. I guess sometimes you have to do stuff yourself. Okay internet, you now have a Blade Runner sign gallery. Until a better collection of sign photos surface, here's a bunch of sign screen grabs from Blade Runner. You're welcome.     




Pik-Cor said...

Maybe ask someone for this for your birthday :)

laser cut neon sign blade runner inspired

J.- said...

Well... I was just searching for Blade Runner´s Neon Signs and this showed up. Great job!! Thank you