Wednesday, November 05, 2014


One of my favorite official movie websites was for 2004's Sky Captain. I was disappointed that the site was recently removed. Since this movie is one of my favorites from the 2000s, I was hoping that it might survive like the websites for Space Jam and You've Got Mail. Why do movie websites have to die? The deletion of Sky Captain made me think about other past movie websites. I jumped into the Wayback Machine and discovered you can still access some of these old movie sites. In 1990s world wide web fashion, I've compiled a link list of some old official movie websites. Most still work in one way or another and it's a fun history lesson on late 20th century website design. So grab a can of Surge along with a bag of Doritos 3Ds and click away!

1994 Stargate First! Stargate was the first official movie website.
1994 Star Trek: Generations Archived at Trek Core.
1995 Tank Girl
1995 Nick of Time
1995 Jumanji
1995 Goldeneye
1996 James Bond Be sure to click on Q's Gadgets for some 90s Bond fashions!
1996 Phantom
1996 Scream
1996 The Long Kiss Goodnight
1996 Multiplicity
1996 Jingle All the Way Check out the virtual trading cards!
1996 Mars Attacks! My favorite old-timey movie website and most of this one still works.
1996 A Very Brady Sequel
1996 Twister
1996 Barb Wire This is the UK site, so don't bother with the US site link.  It doesn't work.
1997 The Lost World
1997 Starship Troopers
1997 Masterminds
1997 Spice World
1997 Alien: Resurrection
1997 Vegas Vacation I wonder if the Griswold's email still works?
1997 The Saint
1997 I Know What You Did Last Summer
1997 Anaconda
1997 Excess Baggage Alicia Silverstone's voice will greet you.
1997 Batman and Robin
1997 Warriors of Virtue I barely remember this movie.
1998 Mask of Zorro Not really the official website, but it has a neat little Zorro flash.
1998 The Avengers Very cool neon flash animation.
1998 Star Trek: Insurrection
1998 Godzilla Sorry to include this one, but here it is anyway.
1998 Something About Mary
1998 Dr. Dolittle
1999 Fight Club You can still download the Flight Safety Card wallpaper!
1999 Lake Placid Fun gory GIF.
1999 The Matrix Turn the volume up on your computer and annoy your family.
1999 Universal Soldier: The Return Not sure if the site works, but it has a fun cheesy flash intro.
1999 American Beauty Still active and still creepy weird.
1999 The Sixth Sense I see dead websites.
1999 Titanic
1999 Star Wars: Episode I We all griped about the movie, but we still flocked to the website!
1999 Iron Giant This one is still active. I visited this one many times back in '99.
2000 Battlefield Earth The flash intro is better than the whole movie.
2000 Fox Japan Go watch the X-Men flash. X-Domo Arigato!
2001 Harry Potter
2001 Donnie Darko Freaky and the Tangent Universe clock is still counting.
2001 Unbreakable
2002 Tron 20th Anniversary VHS & DVD Home Video It's Tron w/ a techno-beat!

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Chris Thorndycroft said...

Such a weird phenomenon, all these abandoned sites we used to visit still hanging around. Kinda like driving through a ghost town you used to know and being surprised to find it still standing. I remember thinking the Matrix site was unbelievably high-tech and cool. Thanks for the memories!