Monday, December 15, 2014


Misfit Toy Stats
Name - Dragon Force Donny
Type of Misfit - Frankensteined
Age - Head 38 years old Body 29 years old
Origin - Manufactured 
Height - 6 3/4"
Demeanor - Punchy

Meet Dragon Force Donny our second misfit toy. Donny is a frankensteined toy. His head once belonged on a Mattel Donny Osmond doll from 1976. His body is a Lanard Toys Dragon Force Karate action figure from 1985. HAIAH!! I wonder what made some kid play mad scientist and transplant Donny Osmond's head on the Dragon Force body. Is there a Donny Osmond body out there with a Dragon Force Karate head on it?   

(photo from Ebay)

Donny is the most recent edition to our group of merry menagerie of misfit toys. I found him just a few weeks ago in a small town flea market. He was lost in a sea of old baby dolls. The photo below shows Donny at the moment I found him. He was cheap. Fifty cents cheap!

Dragon Force Donny is a little bit Rock 'n' Roll and little bit sweep the leg! He's now trying to teach his fellow misfits how to sing 1970s bubblegum pop and the five-point-palm exploding heart technique.


Check back tomorrow and meet Misfit Toy #3!

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