Monday, December 22, 2014


Misfit Toy Stats
Name - Bread Wrapper Man
Type - Homemade
Age - Unknown
Origin - Handmade
Height - 9 1/2"
Demeanor - Content

Bread Wrapper Man is the ninth misfit toy. I'm not sure about his age, but he's probably from the 1960s or 70s. At first I was going to call him Candy Wrapper Man, thinking he was made out of butterscotch and Tootsie Roll candy wrappers. I was wrong and further inspection makes me believe that he's made out of bread wrappers. Yes, someone took the time and cut up bread bags into strips and intricately weaved them into a toy.

Bread Wrapper Man can't stand on his own. Bread Wrapper Man has no points of articulation. Bread Wrapper Man is fragile. Bread Wrapper Man is almost void of any playability. You'd think with all these weaknesses, Bread Wrapper Man would be one sad and lonely toy. Nope. Just look at the simple smile drawn on his wooden thread spool head.

He's at peace with himself. Content and happy.

I found Bread Wrapper Man hanging on a wall in an antique store. You can see his red yarn band that once was attached to his price tag. I can't remember how much he cost, but I'm sure he was cheap. I can't imagine there's much collectible value in bread wrapper men. 

He's well liked among the other misfit toys and even though he never utters a word, he seems to bring calm to the band of misfits. Besides, he simply likes just hanging around.

Check back tomorrow for number ten!     

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