Monday, October 12, 2015


Not sure who the kids are but it looks like they had fun meeting Frankie way back in the 70s!

During last year's Halloween countdown I posted some pics from our trip to Universal Studios. For this year's countdown I dug out some old souvenirs that I happen to own for your viewing pleasure. 

According to this old postcard, women love a man in a Frankenstein mask.

Old ticket

A very old pot metal ash tray!

Sorry for the low-res photo but I regrettably sold this 1960s menu many years ago. (I see there's one for big bucks on ebay right now. Looks like I sold mine too cheap!)

An old table placemat

I'm sure you guessed it. It's an old cup!

Short line at the ticket booth in this old postcard. Times sure have changed.

Now here's a souvenir plate for Grandma's house!  Jaws, Battlestar Galactica and Dracula sharing the same space makes for one amazing souvenir!

Hey it's Baby Frankenstein from this 1970s postcard. (I feel like Scrappy-Doo is just around the corner!)

"Hi, I'm Frankenstein's monster and I'm running for President!" I'd vote for this man-made monster!

Snap! Say cheese for the Land of the the Giants camera!

That's all the old stuff from Universal Studios that I can dig out of my archives (tubs in storage.) If I find anything else I'll be sure to add it here.

Ask for Babs!   

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Lady M said...

I went to Universal as a kid - remember the goofy jaws ride and the psycho house!