Thursday, April 27, 2006

McDonald's Happy Meal Box & Space Aliens Set

These little aliens/monsters were big time fun when I was kid in 1980. Our local McDonalds had just opened so we were there all the time and I scored a bunch of 'em. The cool thing is that they are based after classic b-movie monsters.

I've noticed on the vintage ones there seems to be three different variations of eraser material and five different colors. The variations are very soft, very hard & glossy and the common normal ones. They came in Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Brown.

I'm not sure when Diener started making them, but I've been told they were sold in stores before they became Happy Meal premiums. They were also used in gumball machines with suction cups on their feet and most recently I've spotted them at Hobby Lobby in day-glow colors.

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Anonymous said...

I remember these! I freakin loved them! I had almost all of them! Mc Donald's should bring these back! Or mc farlane toys should make their version of them.