Sunday, August 13, 2006


I visited the small town of Frankenstein, Missouri yesterday, the only town in America named Frankenstein. It is located in Osage County just outside of Jefferson City.

No, Dr. Frankenstein didn’t settle here to get away from the bad press over in the old country. The town was founded by Gottfried Franken who in 1890 donated land for a church to be built.

I was hoping to find a Frankenstein Motel or a Frankenstein Diner, but the town is way too small for those types of establishments. There’s not even a gas station and the only thing there is the old church and a baseball field.

In 1999 the town was invaded by 25 skydiving Peter Boyle style Frankenstein monsters in honor of the 25th anniversary of Mel Brooks’ funny movie Young Frankenstein. As they jumped from the plane they yelled “Putting on the Ritz” and landed in the Frankenstein Community Ball Field. The monsters handed out Young Frankenstein DVD’s and the Mayor even renamed the town Young Frankenstein.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the town has not been "renamed." I'm from Osage County, born and raised!

Anonymous said...

I just worked the special event station W0O. The operator was Kent. Had a good time and I think you all have a kewel thing going there!

Have fun !!!!

Paul - W0EBV

Carl Belken said...

I like Frankenstein, MO. Not much to see or do but I like it anyway. I live across the River from that town in Callaway County. I think they used to have a small store and maybe a gas station. Like many small towns in MO I'd bet they used to be far larger than they are now.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Okay, well I personally love Frankenstein. I live there. There is a school, ball field,Cemetary, and church. And NO it is not just an "old" church. I found that quite offensive. The school has approximetly 40 kids.

Anonymous said...

r their any myths or legends about Frankenstein?