Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Going through an old box of stuff from my childhood I discovered an old friend that was trapped under piles of old book reports, newspaper clippings, and greeting cards. Memories came rushing back as I pulled it out from the bottom of the box.

I had just found the great Black Phantom known as the flyer of fear, the sky demon of the air and the master of all paper airplanes.

My older brother and I went through a paper airplane making phase. We even made up fleets and had airplane battles. One night after my fleet had suffered significant losses I decided to create a plane that would send fear into my enemies fleet. Using black and red markers and a sheet of regular notebook paper, I was able to build the best of the best. After he was folded and colored he looked as if he needed something else, something that would make him stronger. I found a bottle of shellac in my Dad’s workshop and brushed it over the airplane for the finishing touch. Now he would be invincible!

Over the next few weeks with The Black Phantom leading my fleet into battle, the great paper air war turned to favor my side. I think I was winning!

I guess after a few months of building and destroying hundreds of paper airplanes we finally got bored and moved onto something else. (I think we got our Atari that winter.)

Now the Black Phantom might be yellow and brittle, but at least he has survived as an artifact from childhood.

Yippee! I think I’ll put off work and make paper airplanes for the rest of the day!

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Mike Middleton said...

Another epic tale from the Franklin household of the '70's! I can't get enough. I can just see your brother getting mad when you started to beat him. Some things never change!