Saturday, August 12, 2006


Just imagine a sci-fi movie that has spectacular special effects, futuristic sets, scantily clad women and a few song and dance numbers.

In 1930 a movie with all of those elements hit movie theaters. The film was called Just Imagine and it is considered the first sci-fi talkie. Really it should have been called Metropolis the Musical since it has a similar look of Metropolis.

The 1930 hero is blasted by lightning into the far-flung future of 1980 where people drive flying cars, take pills for food and purchase their babies from a machine. The film was Oscar nominated for Best Art Direction and Frankenstein’s Kenneth Strickfaden, designed the laboratory.

You can read and excellent write up about the film over at moviediva

I’m fortunate to have this rare piece of movie ephemera in my collection and thought others might enjoy seeing it. Love that snazzy art deco space cover!

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