Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This record cover is a fine example why Dean Martin was one of the coolest cats on the planet!!!


enzo avolio said...

My dad always sang Dean Martin songs and when ever he was on T.V. (his show, or movie) was sure to be watched.
Dean was the man. Very cool.

Mike Middleton said...

We all know that Dean was by far the coolest Rat Packer. You know what his greatest role was don't you NC? Two words. Cannonball Run!

dig*retro said...

Doyen Martin d'oooh! .. je suis faible dans les genoux. Merci neatocoolville !

Todd Franklin said...

enzo -- I wish the Dean Martin TV show would come out on DVD! Thanks for the comment!

Mike -- Oh yes, Cannonball Run!! He was at the top of his game in that movie!

dig -- Le doyen était l'homme et il a fait à beaucoup des femmes swoon. Heureux il toujours bidon même lorsqu'il porte un béret. Merci de l'arrêt près !