Wednesday, October 11, 2006


That’s what the cool kid with the Chewbacca mask is telling us in this 1978 comic book ad.


For some reason these charging little super-heroes just crack me up! They look like they just robbed a bank and they’re making their getaway.


Rozum said...

How I miss the days when all of the comic book ads had to be drawn.

I remember this ad. At the time, I thought it was the most persuasive ad to get a kid to not want to buy something. It truthfully shows just how unlike the Hulk and Spider-Man you will appear, especially if you're a short chubby kid.

And that Chewbacca set! I'm sure that looked good. I wonder if it's in any Star Wars price guides.

Smurfwreck said...

The wig that comes with the Chewbacca playset is kind of weird. and what a way to unload some of those plastic Dracula teeth that were littering their warehouse.

Michael said...

Love it. Young enough that I know I had to have WANTED (now mom, now!) one of these get ups.

I can already smell the cheap vinyl.

(and thanks for the plug too, Todd!)

Kirk D. said...

A girl showed up to one of my childhood Halloween partys wearing the Darth Vader (raincoat-looking) costume. It had a mask too, but it only covered the eyes, kind of like a lone ranger mask with drawn-on angular lines. It was so bizarre and I thought it was extra funny that it was worn by a girl.
I was Vader that year too and though I also had a cheap vinyl version, I felt superior since my mask covered the whole face.
I have a photo of this that I should dig up.
I'd never seen the ad for these before, so thanks for that.

Panamag8or said...

Grr...I had to create a blog to post this, but can you believe "Flame retarded"? Now, the people at work know I wasn't doing anything, from all the laughing coming from my office.