Tuesday, October 17, 2006


That Little Debbie sure can cook up a swell snack cookie and she sure did with these Pumpkin Delights! I’m addicted to these ginger pumpkin flavored little devils. They even look up at you all mischievous like as you bite into their little noggins.

As I write this I just thought about how they might be here to take over the world, so we must do our part and eat ‘em up. Yeah, that’s it, these little things aren’t cookies but some malicious aliens disguised as tiny treats. They might be here to enslave us or worse yet package us up and shove us into boxes and sell each box for a $1.39 at some discount store on a far away planet to giant monstrous fang face aliens for their dessert! Yikes!

So go out and buy a truck load of boxes and start eating away! I’m doing my part to save the Earth and now it’s your turn. Go chomp a Pumpkin Delight today or end up as a snack cookie in cellophane!

(Oops sorry about that! I think this Halloween countdown is taking it’s toll!)

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Anonymous said...

I can go through a box of Pumpkin Delights so fast that the wicked little things don't even get the chance to send an SOS back to the mothership! And luckily enough, I have relatives who work at the nearby Little Debbie plant so I can stock up on the cheap. Last year's supply lasted me through most of the summer.