Tuesday, October 31, 2006


October 31st finally showed up on the calendar! Of course here in Neato Coolville it’s been Halloween everyday! On this special last day of Halloween and as a last ditch witch effort I’ve added a string of posts just for tonight. So scroll down and check out all the treats!


Anonymous said...

That's some beautiful art on this calendar.

Also wanted to say thanks Todd for all of your work on the countdown. You've made this Halloween more fun and a lot more Halloweenie.

Keep up the great work!

Rozum said...

Thank, Todd for sharing all of that great stuff.

250-350 trick or treaters a year? Wow! We get, maybe 40 or so.

lewysgal said...

Todd, I've had so much fun "haunting" this site for the last month! Can't wait til next October!! Thank you sir!

Todd Harris said...

todd, what a fun blog, glad I found it, i will check in more.

Todd Franklin said...

Kirk - I'm amazed I didn't miss post or two since I had so many computer problems during the month. Thanks for visiting!

John - Yeah we always get a bunch of kids and I figured this year we would have less, since more stores are having special events for the kids. Thanks again!

Lewysgal - Thanks for "haunting" and I hope next year will be as fun.

Todd - Thanks for swinging by and now I'm off to check out your blog!

Paul Duca said...

A momentous month...on the 4th the world was introduced to Sputnik and LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.