Thursday, October 19, 2006


If you were a trick or treater from the late 60's into the 80's you probably carried a cheap plastic trick or treat bag on a few or more outings. This Hanna-Barbera bag is from 1975 and made by Ben Cooper, the costume king. It’s nice that on one side Fred, Scooby and Yogi got to tag along with you on your candy quest and on the other side is more of a 70's style generic design.

I remember every year at school our local bank would give each kid one of these cheap bags that had their logo and Halloween graphics plastered all over it. Of course they had a few goodies tucked inside to get us started before the big night. I never used buckets, pillow cases or pumpkin heads for my treats, just these cheap plastic bags. They did hold a lot of loot and I liked how the little handle would snap back and forth. You did need to be careful with these bags since they would rip really easy and you’d leave a trail of Pixie Stix and mini Krackel candy bars behind.


Anonymous said...

So if Fred Flintstone were to flip his bag over is there a picture of himself carrying the same bag?

Rozum said...

I like that they all have their names on their neckties. With Scooby-Doo, it makes sense, but what's with Yogi and Fred? Is it simply that their rendering is so poor that someone realized this was the only way kids would be able to identify them?

I always liked these cheap plastic bags. None of mine have survived the intervening years though.