Monday, October 09, 2006


I got this nifty Halloween card from my Aunt & Uncle back in the mid-70's!


John Rozum said...

Pack rats of the world unite! Sadly, my own box of saved childhood Halloween cards was destroyed by water and mold when a pipe started leaking in my parents basement years ago. At least i get to live vicariously through other people's stashes.

Kirk D. said...

There's nothing like big, illustrated greeting cards from the 70s. Here's to you grandma!

P.S. Your countdown is going great Todd!

Todd Franklin said...

John - Sorry about your Halloween cards. The few that I have were luckily saved with a bunch of my school Valentines.

Kirk -- Thanks!

Mike Middleton said...

Now the school valentines would be interesting to see. Any from JR, MS, or GH?