Monday, August 25, 2008


Yowza! The Banana Splits are back on TV and they look great for their age! That’s right the ultra mod and hip kids show from 1968 and stuck in rerunville into the early 80's has been revamped for a new generation. Kudos to the producers of the new show for staying faithful to the look and feel of the original.

The show premiers on Cartoon Network on September 2. Be sure to visit, a new spiffy website based on the new show. Also, read this Variety article about the new Banana Splits show and here's another article from the Wall Street Journal.

Thanks Tim for sending me the good news!


Mike Middleton said...

I bet the good Pirate captain is quite excited. It looks great!

Glen Mullaly said...

Weird! I was big fan of the early 70s re-runs, and an enormous fan of the album, but this is wacky.

Rozum said...

This could be really awesome, and something I can drive my kids crazy with. The Banana Splits are one of the nostalgia items from my own youth that I try to win them over with, but only manage to get "you're weird, dad." reactions.

Mike said...

I still have a crush on Becky Thatcher! I loved the Banana Splits as a kid and the reruns on Cartoon Network never seem to show the live-action/animated Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher segments that used to air originally. The only cartoon segment that seems to air currently is the Arabian Knights.

Great news and it looks like they have stayd true to the fun and goofy original with the New Banana Splits!


Karswell said...

No way! Awesome... setting up the tivo nowzers!