Friday, August 01, 2008


Lamar’s other move theater is just a few miles from the Barco Drive-In. You can find the Plaza Theater in downtown Lamar and this movie theater is more of a movie palace.

The Plaza is one of the cleanest and nicest theaters in Missouri and they have the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted in a theater. The community of Lamar restored the Plaza in the 1990's and the love and affection shows. The stained glass outside was recreated by a Lamar resident from one surviving window that was found stored in the theater. Scott the man that runs the theater is fun to visit with and has a wealth of knowledge about the theater’s history.

Even though Lamar is about a two hour drive I might be making a few extra trips for a matinee once in awhile.


Mike Middleton said...

Movie palace might be strecthing it because of its size but it's a beautiful theater nonetheless. I'm still amazed you actually ate popcorn at a movie theater!

Dane said...

That's a beaut!