Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Once people hear that we went to NYC they've been asking if we saw any Broadway shows. I tell ‘em, “Yes we did! We saw The Late Show with David Letterman!”

The Letterman show was the only live show that we saw in the big apple. I’ve been a Dave watcher since 1983 and have always wanted to see a live taping. The wait was worth it! The whole experience is fun and exciting from the time you get to the theater to the time you leave.

Before we picked up our tickets we enjoyed a snack at the famous Hello Deli and met Rupert Gee, a Dave regular. This is a must to get the whole Dave experience! The Late Show is really a well-oiled machine. The system for hyping and moving the audience inside the theater is very efficient. Probably the coolest part of show is hearing the world’s most dangerous band - Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra. Our show, which will play again this Wednesday, had a great line-up of guests - Nicolas Cage, Anna Torv (from the new TV show Fringe) and actor/musician Terrance Howard.

For myself I was in awe of the beautiful Ed Sullivan Theater. Besides this theater being majestic, I couldn’t help thinking about all the television history that happened in this place. The Honeymooners, What’s My Line and of course all those Ed Sullivan Shows. We were sitting in the same area where hundreds of screaming girls went nuts for the Beatles first American television appearance 44 years ago. Wow!

If you want to see a live taping - be sure to put in a ticket request at the official Late Show site at CBS.com. Just enter three dates and your contact info and sometime before those dates someone from the Late Show will give you a ring. (We got our call a week before) You’ll be instructed to call a staff member from the Late Show who will in turn ask you a trivia question related to the Late Show. You must answer the question correctly or you will not get the tickets. So brush up on your Dave knowledge! Once you have scored perfect on your one question pop quiz you must listen closely for a set of instructions that you’ll need when you pick up your tickets. They usually seat nicely dressed, enthusiastic and smiley people in the good seats. So don’t forget to bring your cheerful face and nice shirt to the theater.

Now I wish I could go back in time to catch a taping of Carson!

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Mike Middleton said...

Too bad you didn't see NBC Dave with the true World's Most Dangerous Band. The Ed Sullivan Theater does trump NBC Studio 6A though.