Monday, February 23, 2009


Cue the 1950's Sci-Fi B-Movie music for this post!

I guess my favorite thing to do when I was a kid, was to draw. It was a fun way to act out crazy and wild stories inspired by too many movies, TV shows and comic books. Most of my drawings were either created while watching TV at night or sitting in class daydreaming instead of listening to the teacher. Back in the 4th grade I came up with an epic story of galactic proportions inside my school notebook.

I called it The Sun vs. Pluto. For eons the Sun Beasts of the Sun and the Ice Things of Pluto were dreaded enemies. The Sun Beasts used their heat powers to melt their nemesis from Pluto and the Ice Things used their cold powers to freeze their enemies from the Sun.

For some reason I always enjoyed drawing these Heat Miser and Snow Miser mutations and for the next year or so I kept on drawing ‘em. Unfortunately, just these six drawings survived.

The last two drawings were probably created using the Big Banana Ink Crayon markers and if I remember right this was the end battle of the two kings. I’m sure I used up my sound effects quota for the battle.

At least it ended on a happy note and the Sun Beasts and Ice Things became friends.


Mike Middleton said...

Are you sure you didn't draw these during that fascinating Native American class we had in college?

Stephen said...

How nice that these survived. None of mine did. But mine were probably not as detailed as yours are - character analysis and everything. No wonder mine ended up in the trash.