Thursday, February 05, 2009


I'm always picking up vintage movie theater advertising give-aways and this Sunset Drive-In Theatre key chain/coin holder was the perfect little find. A few years ago I rescued it out of a flea market junk box labeled one dollar choice. "I'll buy that for a dollar!"

Ooh ahh. Look at that, it even glows-in-the-dark!

(Disclaimer - I had to photoshop the glow effect, as it glows way to faint for my camera to pick up)


Stacia said...

Neat! Er, no pun. My family is from Washington, and as a kid I used to see that drive-in when we drove to my grandmother's house. I think it was already out of business by then, but the screen was still standing.

Gary Wood said...

I like Neato Coolville! I'd somewhat forgotten how much pleaser simple things can bring. I'm going to move there.

Todd Franklin said...

Stacia - Too bad it didn't survive like most of 'em. Thanks for the comment!

Gary - Thanks and welcome to our fun little town.

Anonymous said...

I grew up and currently live several miles from where Sunset was located. Some of the locals referred to it as the Krakow Drive-In, due to it being just outside of the unincorporated community of Krakow, which lost their post office in a merge with the post office in Washington, MO. I vaguely remember being in the back seat of my dad's 63 Chevy (I think it was) and watching some movie there in the early 1980s. If memory serves me correctly, the drive-in went out of business in around 1986, and suffered the fate that many drive-ins have by becoming an ideal spot for a subdivision.