Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Valentine’s Day! Unlike yesterday, today is a lucky day because I found my box of school Valentine’s again. (I made the box in 4th grade.) I found them in 2007 and posted 14 days of the mushy little cards. Then I lost the box and deprived all of you neato readers out there and missed V-Day in 2008. This time you get 14 cards all in one day. All the cards were given to me by my elementary classmates in the 1970's and early 80's.

This spaced out card was from David. You'll need to stand on your head to read this one.

Hard to believe that I didn't stick this sticker on my notebook. Not signed.

Halloween and Valentine's Day collide with this Scarecrow card. From Cheryl.

If a dragon should ask to be your Valentine, be sure to say yes no matter what! From Candy.

I'll take Supergirl and Wonder Woman as my Valentines any day! From Eric.

On the back, "I'm frequently called Jumping Jack, for I have an unusual knack - I can hop up to Mars, even jump over stars, ever since I sat down on a tack!" From Joey.

This card came from Miss. Cooper, my 4th grade teacher and one of my favorite teachers from elementary.

On the back, "If you'll be my Valentine, I'll jump for joy!" From Cory.

On the back, "Sid Centipede says, I'll admit these brand-new shoes give me a fit. Then pairs feel just fine and have quite a nice shine, but the last forty pinch me a bit." From Derek.

This card, just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. From Tara.

This one seems a bit older looking than the late 70's. From Sean.

Wow, this card is cool because it has a crossword puzzle on the back. From Jeni.

On the back, "owei oemfienv fmekfo ieqoei qpem rmvol* *That's Martian for, be my Valentine!" From Shelley

I hope this kitty doesn't run with those scissors! From Tracy

See you next year with another batch from my old school box of Valentine's. (Unless I lose 'em again.)

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Vlad said...

Vhat is this? PAPER valentines with cute little pictures on them?!? Back in the old country, we gave hearts to each other on Sweets Day all right...but they were the REAL hearts of woodland creatures! And, if you were lucky, sometimes you got the entrails too! Ahhh....young love!