Sunday, April 04, 2010


A giant cross sits atop an Ozark mountain named Bald Knob, in Southern Illinois and it has been standing there since 1963. Known as the Cross of Peace, this mid-century marvel has inspired generations of people including myself when I saw it for the first and only time almost fives years ago.

It was a special time for me as we toured parts of Southern Illinois with my grandma (who is now 96 years young). She wanted to share with us some of the places from her youth.

Besides snapping photos of the cross, I happened to have my video camera and so I shot a few minutes of the cross. After some quick edits and some overtly dramatic music I give you this short vid for your Easter viewing.

After our trip we headed back to my grandma’s house where she dug out a Cross of Peace postcard, brochure and booklet. She picked ‘em up sometime in the early 1960's before the cross was completed and you can see these souvenirs below.

The postcard and booklet both have the same artwork by the original architectural designer Victor J. Kunz.

Be sure to click on the brochure for a closer look!

The displayed plaque is in memory of Wayman R. Presley, the visionary behind the cross and in my opinion a modern day Noah. Can you imagine someone trying to accomplish something of this magnitude in today's world?

Since 2005 when I visited the cross, it has unfortunately fallen in disrepair. Early in 2009 folks have rallied to try and restore the cross. You can visit the official website for information on the Bald Knob Cross of Peace.

Have a safe and happy Easter!


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