Wednesday, April 07, 2010


School is in, but today’s classroom will be held during recess at the new blog, Playgroundology!

A treasure trove of all things playground from vintage to current is what you'll find on Alex Smith's well written and researched blog. Playgroundology gives attention to something that is often overlooked, but has been part of many generations of children worldwide. I don’t believe there’s a physical playground museum out there (yet), so Playgroundology is the closest thing we have and I’m thankful that Alex has taken the time to become the curator!

As anyone who follows Neato Coolville, either in blog form or flickr form will know I have a special fondness for vintage playground equipment.

So it was only natural for me to be thrilled when Alex contacted me for a chat about playgrounds for his post about flickr playground photographers.

Today's post, The Playgrounds of Flickrville, (I dig the title!) is filled with links and info about flickr photographers who snap pics of . . . Can you guess? That’s right, playgrounds! You’ll even get to read a few snippets from our visit along with a few of my snaps. Be sure to follow Alex’s links as he’s found some amazing photos, many that I haven’t noticed before.

After you’re done with The Playgrounds of Flickrville post, give yourself a treat and snoop around at Playgroundology’s earlier posts for some running, jumping and knee scrapping fun as you go on a journey into simpler times.

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