Thursday, August 12, 2010


For all of you comic book history buffs, here's a treat for you. This article comes from the February 1946 issue of PIC The Magazine For Young Men. Comic book legend Mort Weisinger writes an article that shines a glamourous light on the comic business.

The first page is a photo of Milton Caniff sketching Dororthy Partington, the model for Miss Lace from the military comic strip Male Call. The second page has a photo of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby working on an issue of The Boy Commandos.

(Click on the pages for a closer look.)

For fun, I put together the mosaic below of the comic covers partially pictured in the article. Comic covers are from the Grand Comic Book Database.

PIC February, 1946 Vol #18 #2 with cover art by Frank Decker.


Mike Middleton said...

Love the mosaic NC! Great job!!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Yes, gonzo job. But I have to know where in holy heck did you find that article?

Todd Franklin said...

Marc - I found the article inside the Feb. 1946 issue of PIC Magazine.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thanks but I did get that, so perhaps I should have asked where you found the 2/46 issue of PIC? Are you a collector of such mags or did you just happen to stumble upon this one? I'm curious because it's articles like this that make me wonder how many more hidden gems are out there but lost to time?

Todd Franklin said...

Marc - Oops, I guess I went for the obvious : ) I picked this issue up years ago at an antique shop. I'm always on the look out for mags with articles that fit my interests, especially like this one. Yes, there's so many great articles and images buried in old mags and it's great to have the opportunity to share them here on the blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Paul Duca said...

Ah, all those pre-Code comics, blamed for all the trouble of youth
(for the full story, read THE 10-CENT PLAGUE by David Hadju).